Yorkshire Association

Leeds and District District :
November meeting


Saturday, 09 November 2019 morning

A trip to the north of the branch - two towers, as usual:- open as usual. Small church carpark and plenty of on road parking at Hampsthaite, and a big car park at Birstwith.

09.45 - 11.15am - Hampsthwaite - especially for less experienced ringers.
11.30 - 12.45pm - Birstwith
- for everyone. Special methods Grandsire Triples and Kent T B Major


There is plenty of parking at both towers - at Hampsthwaite a small church car park and plenty of room on the roadside, and at Birstwith a large church car park. Toilets also available.

Contact: Janine Jones     janinehjones@ntlworld.com