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Selby and District District :
St Catherine’s Barmby Moor - Ringing Practices

Ringing Practices in August & September -Tuesdays 7.30pm – 9.00pm

St Catherine’s bells were rehung as an augmented ring of six for the millennium. 

The initial enthusiasm for ringing has slowly evaporated over the years and some ringers have moved away to other pastures.  Today we have only two of the original band and monthly service ringing is only possible with the support of nearby Pocklington.

In an attempt to kindle a little interest and perhaps alert any lapsed ringers in the neighbourhood I intend to hold practices on Tuesday evenings during August and September.

It is my intention that only simple ringing will take place: call changes, plain hunt, Plain Bob and possibly plain courses of other doubles methods.  Those ringing will be able to call some changes or a method if they would like to.

Should there be only a very small number of ringers then there will be the opportunity to practise ringing up or down or both.

I look forward to seeing you.

Barry Malin

Tower Captain


P.S. If you arrive a bit late you may need to call me on 07928763686 as the               main door will need to be locked.