Yorkshire Association

These courses are available through the Education Committee or your Branch and are available to all members. To veiw the syslabus clik on the bold number on the list. Further deils will be added - please check regularly.

The courses are available for you to download and use. If you do use one whithout Education Committee involvement, please let us know how you got on , including any feedback.

For further details please contact your Branch Education Representative or the Convenor.



1   Basic Coures Requirements What is needed when running a course
2   From Call Changes to Plain Hunt  A guide to how to get there
3   Learning a new method Advice on what to do when asked to “learn” a method
4   Say"Go" with confidence  Introduction to conducting with emphasis on Plain Bob Doubles
5   Basic Bell Handling Improving handling including raising and lowering
6   Rounds and Call changes Practice in ringing and calling changes
7   Plain Hunt  Practice in ringing Plain Hunt on 5 & 6 bells
8   Method ringing  Theory and practice of ringing a method of your choice
9   Ringing up and Down in Peal Theory and practice of ringing up and down in peal
10   Tower and bell maintenance Advice on maintenance of towers and bells of different types.
11   Rope Splicing Long and short splicing. Splicing synthetic and natural fibre ropes
12   How to be a helper Advice and practice on what to do to help other ringers
13   How to learn a method Advice on what to do when asked to “learn” a method
14   Theory of composition How method structure can be used to check touches
15   Change Ringing on Handbells Practical ringing of plain hunt on 6
16   Tune Ringing on Handbells Practice ringing tunes
17   Advanced Change Ringing on Handbells Plain Bob Minor and other methods such as St. Clements
18   Say “Go” again More about conducting including coursing orders