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All courses have been cancelled for the duration of the COVID-19 restrictions

While not ringing you might like to watch :-

Devon-style Call Changes

This is a competiton performance, which includes the raising and lowering, all of which are assessed by the judges.

* Can our raising and lowering and our call changes be as well struck?
* What differences are there with the way we usually ring (apart from the striking)?
* Can you spot the 12 faults?

Some more to watch and listen to, but without the raising and lowering

If some light relief is possible in these isolationist times, while you are washing your hands, try  this ♥

The Objectives of the YACR are :

  1. To promote ringing for divine service and to secure recognition of ringers as church workers.
  2. To cultivate the art of change ringing and encouraging recruitment and the instruction of ringers
  3. To cultivate good fellowship amongst ringers and bring all ringers into a closer friendship
  4. To endeavour to arrange instruction for bands of ringers desiring it
  5. To obtain the co-operation of church authorities in the maintenance of bells and ringing


The Education Committee ...

…. is  one of the ways YACR fulfils these objectives, particularly points 2 & 4 with a good helping of point 4


Þ The Committee consist of one representative from each of the nine Branches and from the Young Tykes, co-opted convenor, sectretary and treasurer with the Assocition Chairman, Ringing Master and keeper of the Wombel being ex-oficio members.

Þ The Committee meets as required, usually twice a year, as well as communicating electronically

The Committee organises, supports and encourages ringing education and training at all levels, throughout the Association.




The process of arranging our courses takes place during the spring each year, and they are all advertised in outline from  May.  More detailed information about each course is published as the date approaches, and this can be found under EVENTS on this site, or by downloading the file at the end of this section.

Apply for a place on a course by contacting the person named in the advert.

For further information, please contact the Education Committee Convenor, Elaine Scott.


List of Potential Courses 


List of Courses November 2019 to October 2020

Please help the Education Committee provide training:

  • Offer to lead a course.
  • Attend a course as a helper.
  • Mentor a student: advise on suitable courses; perhaps attend with them; help them practise after the course.
  • Suggest courses the Committee could organise, perhaps in your area.

GRANTS for ART Courses

  • Individuals are encouraged to attend ART course and workshops.
  • Grants up to the full cost of the courses are available for fully paid up members. 
  • Members failing to attend the course must repay the fee
  • The procedure for enrolling on ART courses is avaiable here or from Stuart Raggett at yaedtreas@gmail.com



  • Applications for grants from branches, towers and individuals are encouraged.
  • Projects and events of educational or training benefit to members of the Association are supported.
  • Examples include the installation of simulators and dumbells, and, under certain circumstances, the payment of course fees.
  • Grants are awarded to support captital expenditure, but not running costs.
  • Awards will not normally exceed £250.
  • An application form and the criteria for the award and payment of grants can be downloaded below.
  • Deadlines for the receipt of applications: 15th August for consideration in September; 15th December for consideration in January.  If a decision is required urgently, please contact the Convenor or Treasurer.



YACR Ed Comm Grant Application Form 2017 170111.docx



YACR Ed Comm Grant Award Criteria 2017 170111.pdf




  • The Education Committee Bookstall is a familiar feature at Association meetings.
  • It can be borrowed for use at branch and other events.
  • Stock includes books and DVDs published by the Central Council, Snowdon Books, Whiting Society, ART, etc.
  • Some items are available to members of the Association at discounted prices.
  • The Bookstall is run as a service to ringers, but any profit is donated to the Bell Repair Fund (£800 since 2010).

For further information, please contact Penny Thorley: pennythorley@gmail.com







  • The Association's Wombel can be borrowed free of charge.
  • Use it for recruitment, training, raising awareness of ringing at fêtes, etc
  • Use it indoors, or outdoors in good weather.
  • It comes with speakers and connections to a dedicated laptop loaded with Abel.
  • Non-ringers, under supervision, can learn to ring it quickly and relatively safely.
  • Experienced ringers can use it to improve listening and striking skills.
  • Borrowers collect it from near Selby, or wherever it was last used.
  • It can be transported in a van, or a large car with a roof rack.

For further information or to book, please contact James Gibb:

AngeAndJames@clannet.co.uk      (H) 01757 606 123





Convenor Elaine Scott elaine@homescott.free-online.co.uk
Secretary John Leech johnsleech@sky.com 
Treasurer Stuart Raggett stuart@raggett.org.uk 


Central Marian Thomas
C&NY Susan Welch
East Riding Neil Donovan
Leeds Cate Ovington
Sheffield Vicky Romegoux
Scarborough Steve Waterworth
Selby & Dist Stuart Raggett
Western Phil Brown
York Emma Coles


Association President Barrie Dove
Association Ringing Master Malcolm Turner
Wombel Custodian James Gibb