Yorkshire Association

Cleveland and North Yorkshire District :
C&NY Branch Firsts Week

Friday, 24 May 2019

The branch “Firsts Week” will run from Friday 24th May to Sunday 2nd

June. This is your opportunity to do something new in ringing –

absolutely anything for the first time is good!

The intention is that as many people as possible will do something for

the first time; it could be anything from a first time ringing rounds with

other people, first raising or lowering, first courses of a particular method

up to first quarter peals or peals or, perhaps, something as conductor.

Anything achieved for the first time is what we want to celebrate,

whether on tower bells or handbells.

Discuss with your Tower Captain what you would like to do. If you don’t

have enough ringers at your own tower, ask for help from other towers in

your local cluster. If you still don’t have enough, let a member of the

committee (see below) know and we will do our best to find ringers to

help you.

Tower Captains - please encourage ringers in your towers to have a go!

Nearer the time, an event will be set up on BellBoard

(https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk). Please enter ALL first performances on

to BellBoard and link them to this event.