Yorkshire Association

BRF Grant Applications

The next two meetings of the Trustees will be held in September 2023 February 2024 to consider applications for support and grants. The closing dates for applications are 31st December 2023 and 30th June 2023 respectively. Applications should be submitted using the YACR BRF form A  and sent to the BRF Secretary: Peter McCoy, 32 Clough Grove, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S35 0JX. Anyone considering a project is encouraged to contact me via the 'Officers page' before they apply so that I can offer guidance where required. 

What is needed for the Application?

    • We only accept grant applications containing:

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- YACR A or B Form

  • Letter of Support from the PCC or Church Authority
  • Any contractor quotes you have received with relation to your Project.

- We will only issue a grant when the work is completed.


  • Before payment we inspect the work and request to see the final invoice.
  • We reserve the right to request to see all proof of permissions before payment. If we are not satisfied that the relevant permissions have been sought, we will not pay the grant.


The Bell Repair Fund has up to 20 Trustees who manage and run the Fund. We meet at least twice a year. The Trustees are appointed by the General Committee of the Association at their March meeting. When any Trustee is appointed they are asked to declare their eligibility as we are a registered charity.

Any new trustee has to fill in the YACR BRF C FORM



About the BRF

  • The BRF is the registered Charity arm of the YACR. It is registered with the Charites commission and by Law must operate within the commission rules.
  • It has Trustees appointed by the general committee to manage the funds and issue grants. The trustees have a legal obligation to manage the funds in a safe and responsible way.
  • All our Trustees must declare they are eligible to be a Trustee as set out by the Charities Commission and are free of any Financial convictions.
  • The BRF can only give grants to certain fixed things which are directly involved with full circle ringing. We do not give money for ropes, chiming bells, clocks. Nor can we put money back into the Association for other uses. It is there for the upkeep of the bells with churches in Yorkshire. We do also give grants to certain parishes that were part of the Cleveland Association and parishes that were part of Yorkshire pre 1974.
  • Within our total fund with have the Colin Ashworth Bequest. This bequest started at just over £52,000 and is in place for the casting of new bells within Yorkshire. When the funds in this bequest are used up, we will close the Ashworth Bequest.
  • We raise funds for the BRF in many ways the largest way is through the members subscription.
  • The Trustees balance issuing grants and keeping our funds at a stainable and practical level for when the need a raises.
  • We have noticed more grants coming in year on year. A lot of our towers have had full projects about 100 years ago. These are now needing some attention. To help with this we tried to have more funds available and looking at other ways to keep the  fund healthy.
  • We meet twice a year to discuss grant applications. This is in February and September. For information on what is needed for a grant please look at the top of this page.