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For Safeguarding Training, see here.

For Safeguarding for Online ringing sessions, see here.



Child means any person aged under 18 years:

Vulnerable Adult means any person aged over 18 years who is, or may be in need of community care services by reason of disability, age or illness; and is, or may be unable to take care of or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation.

CCCBR has recently produced its General Statement on Safeguarding Children in Towers which may be found on its website at https://cccbr.org.uk/safeguarding/. All ringers are urged to familiarise themselves with it. The relevant points for YACR events are given below.

YACR activities do not usually fall within Regulated Activities as defined by the Safeguarding  Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and amended in 2009 and  further amended by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.

YACR Ringing Activities REQUIRING DBS check are those carried out on a regular* basis OR involving overnight stay (e.g. weekend courses):-(*regular is 30 hours per month or more)

  • The YACR member acting as Lead Tutor must hold a current DBS Enhanced Disclosure Certificate;
  • Checking is the responsibility of the YACR Safeguarding Officer


       YACR Ringing Activities NOT requiring DBS checks are:-

  • Teaching children under supervision of a DBS checked leader
  • Helping children by ringing another bell or standing behind
  • General ringing at practices, meetings or on outings
  • Visitors to towers
  • One-off teaching or deputising
  • Transporting juniors as a one-off domestic arrangement


Sunday Service ringing and local tower practices are always the responsibility of the parish and so YACR offers the following advice and information:-

All tower captains should be DBS Enhanced Disclosure checked if there are children in the band;

All parish based training should always be carried out by at least two adults, preferably comprising both sexes.

The Church of England has implemented two Policy Documents: Promoting A Safer Church and Safer Recruitment Practice Guidelines. Both of these affect all ringers. The first recommends Safeguarding Training to be undertaken to Basic Awareness level. Tower Captains and Deputies need to attain Foundations level and then attend the YACR/C of E Safeguarding Module. Details of the Course Levels are:-

Basic Awareness. Online learning only. This covers the basic principles and sets the context for Foundations. Time required is about 1 hour. All ringers are strongly encouraged to complete.

Foundations. For Tower Captains, Deputies & Trainers of Children. Online. About 90 minutes.

YACR/C of E Module: For Tower Captains, Deputies & Trainers of Children. Classroom based only. 3 hours. Builds on the learning in Foundations with emphasis on leadership and personal responsibility.


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Completion Certificates are issued after each course. These should be retained and, if necessary, produced prior to ringing at places other than the home tower.

The online course gateway is at https://safeguardingtraining.cofeportal.org/

YACR/C of E Module Courses are organised at Branch level and may be accessed through Branch Secretaries.

Refresher training to take place every three years.


Safer Recruitment Practice Guidelines establishes new criteria for all voluntary roles including ringing. To be implemented at Parish level. Details available from Parish Safeguarding Officers.


DBS Certificates are obtainable free of charge by application to the Parish Safeguarding Officer. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. ringers unattached to a parish, application may be made to the YACR Safeguarding Officer who will seek processing through the relevant diocese. A charge will usually be involved.

April 2021