Yorkshire Association


To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the death of Ernest Thornton on the 5th January 1919, the bells at St Peters, Bramley, were rung on Saturday 5th January 2019, with an hour of open ringing from 2.00pm.

Just 6 of the current 8 bells at Bramley were rung, to match the number of bells in the tower during the period that Ernest was ringing.


 The ringers on this Anniversary occasion were……

David Cox Bramley
Emily J. Bennett  Otley
Janine H. Jones  St Anne’s Cathedral, Leeds
Andrew Gregson Pudsey
Edward Turner Bramley
Barrie Dove St Anne’s Cathedral, Leeds
Methods rung during the afternoon were…….. 
Plain Bob Minor…….....(Touch)
Grandsire Doubles…....(Touch)
Stedman Doubles….....(Touch)
Oxford T. B. Minor….....(Plain Course)

 Oxford Treble Bob Minor was specially chosen for this occasion, as one of the 7 minor methods that Ernest Thornton rang during his first peal on Monday 25th March 1912.


Ernest died on the 5th January 1919 at the age of 26, as a result of his service for the Country.  Ernest is buried in the Churchyard at St Peters, Bramley, and he is remembered on the “Great War 1914- 1918” Memorial Plaque in St Peters Church, Bramley, listed as “Thornton. E”.