Yorkshire Association

CCCBR Simplifying the Rules request for feedback

23rd September 2017

In late August, the Council formed a Rules Working Group to tackle the task of simplifying the rules of the Central Council, triggered by the Central Council Review (CRAG) proposals which were accepted at the last annual meeting in Edinburgh.

As Christopher O’Mahony has put it, “the clear mandate at Edinburgh was to reform and renew the Council’s governing structures so as to deliver better services that benefit ringers and ringing.”

The brief, as defined by CRAG Proposal F, adopted in Edinburgh, is to “simplify the rules of the Council, replacing them with a short statutory set of rules supported by a set of operating principles and procedures. All of the necessary rule changes required by the foregoing proposals (A to E) will be incorporated into this work. The new rules …. should be compliant with Charity Commission guidance. ”breitling replica

The group is requesting feedback on the proposed rules from all the ringing community see the attached document for more information


CCCBR Simplifying the Rules